Thursday, 16 December 2010

Evaluation Questions- Oliver Newnham

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

 Goodwin has six points which he said applied to each music video and they were: Music to Visuals, Lyrics to Visuals, Voyeurism, Genre Characteristics, Intertextuality and Selling the Artist. We kept to some of these conventions whilst challenging others to enhance our piece and to make it more interesting. 

  1. Music to visuals- we clear had this point in our video as we used cuts and changes on the beat of the music so it was able to flow. We also had shots Goodwins of instruments such as the guitars and the band playing the instruments.
  2. Lyrics to visuals- we also followed this point as we had the band holding up pieces of paper which had the lyrics written on such as 'I am liberty' and 'Sold my soul', which we thought was a new way of seeing the lyrics and would add to our music video. We also had they same thing on the Digipak but we changed the words on the paper to the words of the title of the song "No looking back' because it went with our piece and gave hints to the audience.
  3. Genre Characteristics- I would say we followed most of the 'Rock/Punk' genre characteristics of our song as it was a quick beat song with those kind of lyrics, we did follow these characteristics with there being a band with the kind of instruments you would find normally and also Will was dressed as a punk which enhanced his character but also went with the song. But in some ways we challenged this point as not many bands with kind of music have a music video with a clear narrative and with minimal chaos and violence. But overall we did conform to these genre characteristics as we used close up lip-syncs where ever we could which we believed sold the artist as it was his face the audience would remember
  4. Vouryeurism-We did not follow Goodwin on his point of Voyeurism because we felt it added nothing to our piece. It would not have gone with either the genre, the music or the lyrics
  5. Intertextuality- This was a good point which we tried to use by challenging in our music video but using in our Digipak and Magazine advertisement. There are no references to other media institutions throughout our music video as we tried to keep our 80's theme and to let this things be seen would have ruined the feel and environment we tried to create for the music. But with the other products we used it to our advantage because we used symbols such as the 'Universal' and 'NME' logo to promote our product with these respected institutions.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

As a group we all decided to not just to use cuts and other editing techniques to make our package special but we decided to use the technology to make it a film from the 80's but changing the colour and tint of the film to sepia which gave it an old look. Our inspiration was from a film of the internet of the falklands war coverage where the footage is discoloured. We also used this on our Magazine advertisement with all the band members on the picture with the sepia filter. All together they do work perfectly together because they may seem bland at first but the use of colour does create some interest as it is not used today for professional films. They all show pictures of Will the main artist and the band as well, which clear shows how we are trying to sell the artist which altogether we think we have done. With the sepia filter we thought it would give an edge to our products as they look different to normal footage and also go along with the characters narrative as Will as a punk rocker and Ollie ad an 80's cop. Altogether as a combination they work very well as they give a balance of our main 80's theme and realistic pictures of the band without the filter giving a personal feel.

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Class Feedback- The majority of the class liked our piece but some said the shots were to 'shaky' but we liked the way it was because it did connect with the genre characteristics of being a punk/rocker. They also commented on the colouring which responded to by adding the sepia filter. They also said there was a shot of a modern car which did not link with our 80's theme so we responded by having more cuts around that area to have it taken out which we did achieve to the best of our ability.
Andrea Feedback- She commented on how our narrative was did make sense but it did not flow as well. So we changed where some clips were by rearranging so that it was in the order of narrative, lip-sync and back to the narrative to make it all parallel.


4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages.

We used a number of different media technologies during the whole process of creating our media products. We used Final Cut to edit all our music video. Once we had roughly edited the video to make sure we had each clip in the right place with the right timing we tried out some effects to try and make the video look more professional and visually interesting. We added some fades to some of the clips to try and make them run smoother to fit with the timings. Also, we put more than one piece of footage on a clip to make a change in the video so people don’t watch the same continuous pattern of footage.  Doing this helped liven up the video so there was variety in what people watch. We used the speed control on final cut to speed up some of the footage in some areas to give the video an upbeat and rapid feel which is usual in an indie/rock themed song.  Also, in final cut we used a colour change effect so we could have the footage in sepia to give the footage an indie feel and rock atmosphere. We used Photoshop on the construction of our digi pack and magazine advert. Firstly, for the pictures of the main artist on these products we used close ups of Will and the band from the video to give taste of the video.  
We used blogger to record all our research, ideas, inspirations, etc which allowed us to blog to keep track of our development and to communicate all the ideas we had with our research. This became very useful because it helped us when it came to editing our video as well. For example, on the blog we posted things like our storyboard, call lists and shot lists which helped when we came to edit because we were able to organise our shots in to the right order so it made it simpler when we came to filming. We posted all the feedback we given too, so we could check back and see ways to help improve our products and see what people liked and didn’t agree on. We posted a few videos and screen shots of music videos that we then analysed on the blog which helped us research ideas and how to evaluate videos so we could take them into consideration for our video

T1-31 Evaluation

Monday, 6 December 2010

Directors Commentary Plan for Filming

Ideas we liked from watching professional commentaries were having end credits, cuts from the film filling the screen with a voice over commentary, playing the whole film throughout with a voiceover and the flow a lot of them had with conversation.

Informal question and answer, flowing conversation between the pairs. Where questions and responses will be given between the pairs to give a more informal feel as it gives the pairs a chance to act more normal which should make the commentary more interesting.

our original plan is to film in a classroom with good natural lighting with a white background as it should give a simple feel and not give us the problem of having to adjust the lighting to fit our needs. We would then have two chairs in front of a whiteboard or white wall so this will not only not take any of the attention away from the people talking but it will highlight the pictures and film being shown on the screen.

Structure: The video will play straight away from the beginning and 32 seconds in it will fade out and we will be introduced. We will then proceed with saying the questions out loud and then answer them as proposed below. In between and during the questions we will play sections of the music video to make analysis or to fill in the gaps but this is a chance to show our film from beginning to end while making points on what we liked and were we think we could have done better which is the whole point of analysis.

Question one :
Oli and Will will commentate:
Lyrics and music- we used paper to illustrate the lyrics as part of our music video
Visuals and music- We used cuts on the beat inline with the music
Intertextuality- In our Mag Ad and Digipak there are clear references towards intertextuality with the NME sign and Universal emblem.

Hannah and Annabelle will commentate:
Voyeurism- There is no reference to this because we felt it would have added nothing to our peice and did not fit with our genre
Genre Characteristics- ?
Selling the artist- Throughout of film, digipak and magazine advertisement  there are close ups and clear pictures of Will (our main artists) with other shots and pictures of the band members. Will also uses his clothes and dancing to make him an individual which is making him sell him as an artist

Question two :

Play some of the Music Video and then have Magazine Ad and Digipack pop up on screen with a 'ping'.

Oli and Annabelle will discuss font and colour
Will and Hannah will discuss content

Question three :

Feedback + response to this feedback.
Quotes from feedback on screen (Editing).
Pictures to show changes.

Andrea + Amars feedback - W + A
Student feedback - H + O

Question four :


The group together will discuss:
HD Cameras
Final Cut
Stills Camera

This is a very basic plan but helps us know who is discussing more points and the style of our commentary.

Feedback for Will on Evaluation

You need a lot more depth to your responses, particularly questions 2,3 and 4.
Read the feedback I gave Hannah on those questions as it is fairly generic advice and will help you in fleshing out your responses.

Feedback for Annabelle on Evaluation

Nearly everything I said to Hannah also applies to you so make sure you read her feedback.
You need to flesh out your responses and make them more in-depth.

Feedback for Hannah on Evaluation

In question one you need to start by outlining the conventions of an indie music video, cite some of the examples you looked at and then discuss your own use of those conventions, illustrated by examples. You could benefit from discussing in a bit more detail the conventions of your ancillary texts and which ones you used and any you challenged or developed.
Talk about the choices you made about your engagement with the conventions of indie music videos. Also talk about how you engaged with the form of music videos, obviously it's very different from the narrative video forms you have worked on before. Also talk in detail about specific conventions you used and give examples from your texts. Talk about the video, the magazine ad and the digipak.
In question two you talk about the 80s theme, this visual theme binds the three products together. Also talk about the representation of the artist in all three products, do they work in combination to communicate something specific about the artist.
For question three give specific examples of feedback you received (use quotes or screengrabs if you wish), state what you learnt from the feedback and how you responded to it.
For question 4 you could use screen grabs of your projects.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ideas for DVD Commentary

We have come up with a range of locations to film our commentary. After watching other peoples commentary we have come to the conclusion that doing it all in one location may get tiring to watch and doesn't appeal much to the audience. Some location ideas we had are places that feature in our music video to link the commentary to our video and in our media room so we can include some of our technology we used. After looking at one specific commentary that we liked we have taken the idea of using our track as a soundtrack behind us as we speak. We have also realised confidence is key. Another thing that we have to make sure we do is use a tri-pod as some of the commentary's were hand held and did not look good.

Other students DVD commentary

Group S1-21.
We felt this commentary was not very good. It didnt do anything to attract us to watching the whole thing. It didnt include any humour or enthusiasm. They had some cuts in this commentary of screen shots of their video, this was a very good idea but the cuts were so short that we had to pause them to work out what they were. The males in this video tended to mumble a lot and its hard to understand what they are saying, however the females spoke more clearly. We also felt it was too scripted, they were looking at their script and not the camera at time which seemed very unprofessional. The setting of their commentary wasnt that good also, as in the white board behind them we could see silhouettes.

We loved this commentary. It introduced us to what it was before it started and also included a soundtrack which was very effective. They showed images of their digipack and how they created it which was very good. They took it in turn to speak in pairs which also worked very effectively. They were all very confident and looked at the camera instead of looking at a script which was very good. Compared to the other commentary this one is far more appealing. It includes humour, music and other images which largely contrasts with the other video which just seems boring and bland compared to this one.

Evaluation - Hannah

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The conventions of a typical music video in the same genre as ours would be a lot of shots of the band and their instruments to show their talents, their videos are usually quite serious which a dark mood so we definately challenged this by adding a comedy element to tour own video. We kept the same look which indie outfts so this was sticking to the conventions. Goodwins theory suggested that music videos should contain these six points: Music to Visuals, Lyrics to Visuals, Voyeurism, Genre Characteristics, Intertextuality and Selling the Artist. We kept to some of these conventions whilst breaking others. Our video showed Music to Visuals by having cuts on the beat and showing the band playing the instruments (guitars) that can clearly be heard on the song. Lyrics to visuals we also followed by having the lyrics of the song on paper we were holding in the video, for example 'I Am Liberty'. We also thought the title 'No Looking Back' followed the visuals because Wills character in the story in the video robbed a house and then 'didnt look back' as he got away with it. I would say we followed most of the 'Rock/Punk' genre characteristics of our song too as we showed shots of the whole band playing together which is very typical of this genre. We also showed lots of lipsyncing and had some rebellion in the video which is also common amongst similar songs. To sell the artist we showcased his talents by showing the band performing, a lot of the leadsinger lipsyncing aswell as his 'fun side' which could appeal to the audience. We thought using voyeurism would inappropriate in our video as it wasnt about appealing to the audience in that way we wanted a strong story in the narrative as well as showing the band performances. We set our video in the 80s so intertextuality means our video is similiar to the 'Beastie Boys' where we got our inspiration.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

The products all joined together by the '80s vibe' that they have. None of the products use bright colours and instead are in sepia or black and white, this is true for the pictures and the writing. They all show the lead singer (Will), and he is always the main focus for the products. Although they do show others too as the Magazine Ad shows the rest of the band in their costumes with Will in the middle and the Digipack shows Ollie in his police costume on the back which makes it more appealing as it sells the band from their video for 'no looking back'. The theme is 80s rock punk. Digipack shows this with sepia and black and white throughout the pictures and writing and the characters 80s costumes on the product (Will as the punk rebel and Ollie as the 80s police cop). The Magazine Ad shows this by the sepia effect of the picture and using white and pale yellow fonts to keep with this theme. However it is kept up to date with the '' so that it sells. The Music Video is following the 80s theme with the sepia shots throughout and then flashes of Will in present tense throughout the video to show there is a definately time difference from the story. The font of the products and kept the same for the Magazine Ad and the majority of the Digipack.

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

We had many opportunities to get feedback from various people to then help us improve on our video from things we may not have noticed. Our first was getting feedback from the class from our basic rough cut. We knew we wanted to make a lot more changes anyway - particulary to add in the 80s sepia look which we had not yet acheived however the class didnt have too many critisisms. They said that some shots may be too 'shaky' but that they fitted quite well for the genre and chase scenes. We did try to improve on this though by breaking up the beginning shaky continuous shot with smoother shots so that lipsyncing is more obvious and that the shaking isnt too apparent. We got told the mise-en-scene on the video was good, in particular the characters costume were successful in bringing a element of comedy to the video like we tried to achieve. However they did say that the video showed a modern car at one point so therefore took away from the 80s vibe so to improve on this we broke the shot up and put a performance clip in the middle so that the car was not shown but that the important parts of the video were still there. We then had feedback from our media teacher and we took some actions to clean the video up overall in response to this feedback such as shooting more shots of lipsyncing , reording shots (especially the narrative) to create a stronger parralel narrative and we also realised we needed to be blogging much more especially the research that we were doing and the problems we were facing. Finally we had Amars feedback, as he has worked on Music Videos before we were interested in this. He recommended that there needed to be more shots of the band playing throughout the video (we dealt with this by filming some more so there was more variation too and then adding in a lot more shots), we needed to break up the first 30 seconds of the video so we did too by adding in shots of Wills character to show his personality more which we felt helped with the appeal of the story too. He said that we just needed to tidy it up and a lot of it he already liked including the fact that the colour of the video changed (from being 80s to present day) which kept the veiwers eye interested and said that the whole pace of the video matched very well with the song.

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages.

First of all we used different cameras from last year, we now had new HD ones which we all had to familiarise ourselves with however I felt these were not a problem as we made sure we could do this before we began filming so that we faced no problems when filming. We had a stills camera at the same time as this which we had not done before but this was particulaly useful at getting shots of characters whilst they are in their costumes. These were both easy to upload onto Final Cut Express which we used to edit our video. I felt we used this well as we organised our shots well and worked out how to have lots of shot ready to edit so that we could make cuts easily that would show the band performing whenever we made a cut, unless we put a different shot there. We made all desicions for editing as a team and would all use Final Cut so that we all had the appropriate skills on it, this allowed us to play about on it a lot and decide what looked best. We had to use Photoshop to create our Digipack and Magazine Ad which proved slightly harder as not all of us were familiar with this however we learnt fairly quickly, and would teach each other anything we learnt. We wanted to try lots of difficult techniques for our products including turning things sepia to follow our 80s theme so we asked for help whenever we needed it so that we were able to do all this techniques so make our products how we wanted them. The technology proved very useful for creating our Video, Digipack and Magazine Ad exactly how we wanted and keep them looking professional.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Annabelle - Evaluation

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Goodwins six theories are Visuals to Lyrics, Visuals to Music, Genre characteristics, Intertextuality,  Voyeurism and Selling the artist. We tried to meet most of these criterias however we also tactically went against some of these criterias to try and make our music video more appealing. We tried to make our music video look and feel and professional as we could. We developed our music video by asessing it every week and trying to add more features in that would make it feel like a professional video. For example we purposefully included a link beteween Visuals and Lyrics by having lyrics written out on pieces of paper being held by the band members. These lyrics were "sold my soul" and "I am liberty". We felt these lyrics really fit in with the genre characteristics of our video. An indie video typically sells the band, it will at some point have the band all playing the song which we included. We also included an indie dress code with our main singer of the band. We linked that indie dress code with him being an 80s punk. We tried to make our video seem like it genuinely linked with the song and with the fast cuts we feel we achieved that. Our cuts stick to the Visuals to Music theory as they cut on the beat and keep up to the tempo of the song. We focused on selling the artist a lot as well, for example at the beginnig of the music video we just film the lead singer of the band doing different things and singing up close before we introduce the rest of the band.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

All of our products work well with eachother and compliment each other. Before we started we had the theme of the 80s which we then applied to our videos, our characters and their outfits, the colour of our video, our images for our products and our band. Our main product and Ancilliary texts work in conjunction to create a well rounded package. For our video we added a filter to make everything appear sepia. We had the idea that this filter would make the music video appear old and rustik and as if it was from the 80s. We then applied this theory to our pohotgraphs that feature on our digipak and magazine ad. We tried to make all our products link as well as we could by using similar fonts on both products and wearing similar clothes to keep in with the continuity of the whole thing.

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

We have had numerous people give us feedback. We had feedback from our teacher on mutiple occasions along the way, helping us to enhance our music video as we went along. We also got professional feedback from someone in the Media department who knows how to produce a professional music video. He gave us a good range of compliments and also things we can improve on. For example the beginning of our music video was initially one slow and long take. He suggested we added in some cuts of the band which also meets conventions and helped with the continuity of editing and speed throughout our video. He also suggested that we make some parts of our video black and white, we did try this however we took a vote and decided against keeping it as it went against the whol rustik, sepia, 80s theme we had throughout all our products. Our class also gave us some feedback and they commented on how our video included a lot of modern cars that suggested it was not from the 80s. This made us look at our music video and try and sort this out. We just ended up adding more cuts to try and cut the cars out, which actually tied in well with our editing and keeping up with the tempo of the music.

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

The music video was filmed on new HD cameras from the media department. They were very easy to use and we all had a go at filmin footage for our music video. We then used Final Cut Express to edit our music video. This proved easy because we have all used final cut numerous times in the past. We each took it in turns to do editing and made all decisions as a team. We then used PhotoShop to create our magazine ad and our digipack. This proved slightly harder as we wated to include difficult techniques into our creation. We each knew how to do a little bit of photoshop and taught each other what we knew and eventually we came out with two very good products. Using Final Cut and PhotoShop turned out very successful and helpful in keeping with our 80s themes. They allowed us to add filters to the pictures to give them the illusion that they were aged. Overall the technology we used contributed greatly to the outcome of our music video and ancilliary products.

Completed at 6.36 (hope that was in time) had to rush as im off babysitting now hope this is enough though!

Media Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Goodwin created a theory that explains the conventions of a media product. The six theories are; Visuals to lyrics, Visuals to music, Genre Characteristics, Intertextuality,  Voyeurism , Selling the artist. We kept and broke some of these conventions. The conventions that we followed were, Visuals to music (we cut shots on the beat), Genre characteristics (The genre was rock, a characteristic of this is that it shows the whole band, and in certain shots we showed the whole band). The conventions that we did not follow were visuals to lyrics (the narrative does not follow the lyrics, although the title of the song is no looking back which we feel links to the narrative as the main character was a thief), Intertextuality (the video was set in 80's so there was not much chance to use intertexuality), and voyeurism (we thought that it would be innapropriate in this video). The conventions of a magazine advert is to show Pictures of the band members or relevant visual imagery (we followed this by showing an images of the band), Reviews and ratings of the album (we added a review from NME on there),  and the name of the artist and album (we included both of these). Conventions of a digipak are; Name of album and artist (we included the name of the artist but not the album as we decided that it was a self titled album), tracklisting (we did this and included bonus material on there), Record label branding (we put a photo of the universal music logo on there), relevant images of the artist (all of the images on there are band or music video related), Barcode and bbfc certificate (we included both of these).

How effective is the combation of you main product and ancilliary texts?

The products all work well together as they all focus on the lead singer of the band as we thought that was a key feature of the band. In the music video we focus alot on the lead singer, he gets the most camera time out of all of the characters. We followed this idea through to our digipak. On the front cover of the digipak there is just one image with no text. The image is of the lead singer. This adds to our focus of the lead singer. All of the images and footage we used we put a sepia filter on too make it have and 80's style, we followed this throughout the products. The majority of shots within the music video have a sepia filter on them to give it the desired effect. On the magazine ad we have an image of the band sitting up against a wall, again this image has a sepia effect on it to give it the 80's look. On the digipak we have several images, all of which have the sepia filter on them. The image that we tried to give the band was a rugged/rebel look about them, we followed this throughout our products as well. In the music video it follows the main character robbing a house. It also has shots of the band sitting up against an old wall, we used this in magazine ad, and there are images of the band dancing in front of the wall in the digipak.

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

We got feedback from several sources as we went through the production of the video. We followed this feedback as constructively as possible. We recieved feedback from other students, our teacher and someone that has done work on a music video. An example of the teacher feedback was that in some places the continuity of the narrative was not clear for example not obvious where i got the bag from, we made it more obvious by changing the light of the shot so you can see that he picks up the bag. A piece of the feedback that we gained from other students was that the shot at the beginning of the film is not very steady. The reason that we did not re-take the shot and use a tripod was because we wanted to make the music video look as if it was not perfect, we wanted to represent the bands ruggedness through the music video itself, that is why we made did not steady the camera. Some of the feedback we did not follow. For example we got given a piece of feedback from the professional but chose not to use it. We were told that some of the video would look good in black and white, we tried doing this but we decided not to in the end as it did not suit the video, so we went back to the original sepia effect. The reason we chose not to follow this was because we thought it took a bit off the focus of the music video being in the style of an 80's punk video.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evalutation stages?

For the editing of the footage we used final cut pro. This presented minimal challenges as it is a very user friendly piece of software and it is easy to use. Final cut pro is a good piece of software as we could add filters on to the shots to give them the desired effect, for example we changed the colour of the shot to give it the 80's feel that we intended to get. For the magazine ad and the digipak we used adobe photoshop. This product is not as easy to use so we came across some difficulties for example placing images onto the product, although the process sounds simple it is difficult. Fortunatley enough Hannah had used the software before and she taught us how to use it as we went along. We used a different camera to what we have used before within the media department. This at first seemed to be a challenge but as we used the camera more we became more familiarised with it.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Final Magazine Ad


This is our final Magazine Advertisement

Final Digipack

13T1-31 Music DVD Coverr

This is our final Digipack cover for the band 'Anti Social Burnouts'.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ideas for DVD content

We have had several ideas for what we could include on the DVD for bonus content. The ideas that we had are; Band interviews, tour footage, a bonus track, a postcard that shows a code that you can use to download exclusive content online.

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Add more context to posts i.e. your storyboard = because of the placing of the post it needs more explanation - DONE (the storyboard one and a few others, obv everyone can have a look through and add writing where appropriate) love annabelle x

reference the conventions of the magazine adverts to add weight to your analysis - same thing for digipal

camera shot descripstions are muddled. - DONE love from annabelle x

take screengrabs of your font choices

you could compare the screen grabs of you in costume with comparable characters from your research
add image to your mise en scene orgainsation post - DONE love from annabelle x (i just added descriptions to the character outfit pages of where our inspiration came from etc)

your shitdisco post - you need to explain it was a practise task to sell and particular artist - DONE love from annabelle x

you also still dont have a post on the history of music video or your auteur research

you also need to incorporate research into your target audience. - DONE love from annabelle x

Delete them as you do them so we dont do them twice

peace out x

Target Audience.

Our track is produced by a band called the Anti-Social Burn Outs, shortened to A.S.B.O. The word "ASBO" also reffers to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order which is an is a civil order made against a person who has been shown, on the balance of evidence, to have engaged in anti-social behaviour. This fact alone suggested that our target audience should be teenagers. We feel the style of music fits in with teenagers these days. As our album targets the older teens we plan to put this image on the front of our digipak, commonly seen on the front of albums from other artists e.g eminem. With the name of the band and the image we are trying to create we feel our album would appeal to rebelling teenagers who enjoy rock/punk music.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010



This is our final storyboard. We went through a couple of ideas to feature in our music video. This is a final representation of our finished music video. We are happy with all our ideas and we included every interesting idea each group member had, overall we are all very happy with the music video.

Filming ideas.


Or song,we found, had very complicated lyrics that were hard to work out. We had the idea of including band members holding signs with the lyrics on. We picked these two lines. "Sold My Soul" and "I Am Liberty" to highlight. We felt these lyrics were interesting and representative of our band and their genre of music.

Analysis of another student magazine ad.

GROUP 14 Music Magazine Advert

We really like this magazine advert. We feel it contains everything a good magazine ad needs too have. We really like the idea of adding all the tour dates on the bottom and including the hmv link. The only criticism we had would be the colour of the font does not stand out. It is hard to read on the background. This is what we would like our magazine ad to be like as it includes all the things it needs to include and fits our genre of music.

Analysis of another student digipak

test pak

This is another digipak created by students. We liked this digipak, all the elements fit together really well and the images are very effective. The colour scheme works really well also. We feel there are some things missing like a bar code and other things however the simplicity of the digipak as a whole gives it a good image. We plan to do our digipak quite differently to this, including images of band members and a lot more writing.


This is another student digipak cover. We feel this image is very amateur compared to the other one above. It lacks a lot of elements that would make it better. This images don't work very well on the black background and the writing seems off centre and random. It seems rushed. We plan to spend at least one whole lesson working on both our digipak and magazine ad.

Photo Research For Magazine Ad and Digipak.


This is the xx album. It is very simple and representative of their band name. This is not the type of image we want to go for. We feel it does not fit our bands image.

Picture 14

This image is of a magazine add for Muse. We like this as it is very eye catching. The contrasts of the black and white stand out a lot. This is the type of image we would like to go for, one that includes all the band in the photo and that seems a bit dark too fit our music genre.


These are some examples of digipak and album covers by ACDC. This is also the type of image we would like the go for, with black being the main theme throughout the products.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Screen Shot Types

Picture 7
Establishing Long Shot- This establishing shot re-establishes the main character as the 'school boy'  and signifies the end of video as he is back to where he started and in his initial persona.
Picture 6
Low Angle Shot- This low angle shot of the punk coming in to the garden of the house shows him at an intimidating angle. This shot also contains a close up of delivered milk and newspapers that haven't been touched to imply that the property owners are out.
Picture 5
Long Traveling Shot- This continuous shot of the punk cycling towards the house he plans to rob from acts as a bridge between locations.
Picture 4
Over The Shoulder Shot- This is a shot from the point of view of our second character, the policeman. This signifies the moment that the policeman decides to start chasing the punk.
Picture 3
Medium Shot - This shot is just showing our main character undressing into his other persona, the punk.
Picture 2
Close Up Shot - This shot is a close up of our main character so the audience can have a personal connection with him.
Picture 1
Establishing Long Shot - This shot introduces the main character of our music video and his initial persona, the school boy.

Tracklist for the DVD

We searched on Amazon, the iTunes store, and on the bands (antisocial burnouts) myspace (, and we discovered that they have only released a single. This meant that we had to create some track names for the product. The first four track are their own tracks, and the rest we created ourselves. We tried to create song names that fit in with the style of the band.

1. No Looking Back
2. Suicide Mission
3. Hold Fast
4. Burn Tomorrow
5. Black Monday
6. Dirty Cousins
7. Tread Water
8. Four Under-cover Kings
9. Lie to me
10. I.A.L

Bonus Track
11. Little Johnny

Choice of font for adverts

For our magazine advert and our digi pack, we intend to have the bands name posted on the image. We had to search for a font that would look good on the product.

We searched online on the website "Dafont" and looked for graffiti fonts.  This style of font will show the rebellious side of the artist, as graffiti is seen as a rebellious hobby. These are the fonts that we short listed.

Sick Capital Vice

media font
Stylin' BRK

El&Font Urban CalIigraphy 

media font3

In the end we decided to use the font Sick Capital Vice. We chose to use this font because the other two fonts look a bit more American, as if you would find it on and album for NWA, the fonts are more "gangster" and Sick Capital Vice is more "punk". The reason we went for the less American style is because it is a British band and we believe that it is significant to the band itself.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pictures of filming etc.

This pictures show us working on the filming, using the shot lists etc.

P2-08 Shooting pics 069

This is when we were setting up the camera inside the house to film the scene where the police officer tries to catch the rebel in the house but he cant get through the locked door. We also tried to film a scene in here in which we wanted to have an effect of a chase scene inside the house where the police cop and rebel run into doors and run out of different ones in a comedic effect, however after trying to position the camera we realised this was not achievable so we decided the police cop should not come inside the house.

P2-08 Shooting pics 066

P2-08 Shooting pics 064

This shows Annabelle filming the outside continuous shot of Will undressing with both Will and Ollie acting in, while Hannah read the shotlist. We had to redo this shot many times to get  the desired sequence we were after.

Pictures of Our Characters Costumes

P2-08 Shooting pics 056

Hannah Thorp and Annabelle Monks dressed as the band members in the music video. We researched 80s rock bands and decided female backing band members should be dressed in mostly black, to fit the look of the genre of the song. Although they were only in the background of the performance clips in the video we thought it was important that they looked authentic.

P2-08 Shooting pics 055

P2-08 Shooting pics 054

Oliver Newnham played the 80s police officer. We wanted him to have the leather jacket and aviator style glasses. We also purchased a mustache to help pull the look together and add to the comedy element of his character. We gave him a small gun that he did not need to use but would add to the character, and he also has a police badge which he uses at the beginning of the music video, which makes his costume a lot more authentic. Our inspiration for this character came from the character or Ray Carling, featured in television show Ashes to Ashes. We copied his brown leather jackets, big moustache and aviator sunglasses. As he was playing a policeman from the 80s we felt he would be a good character to copy.

P2-08 Shooting pics 052

Will Johnson wore a blazer and tie as his 'school boy' role as we thought this was the easiest way to make him look as smart and posh as possible. This was to make the audience think he is a 'good boy' before his 'rebel' character is revealed.
Below is his rebel costume which we chose after researching 80s punks and decided the checked shirt and jeans were most appropriate. He also wore big boots which completed the look. For this character we got our inspiration from the film 'This Is England'. Will had his hair cut especially for this music video, shaving the sides. He got inspiration for this haircut from various charactors from the film. His rebel attitude, undressing from innocent school boy to law-breaking punk, was inspired by the film also.

P2-08 Shooting pics 073

Project Pictures Of Ideas for magazine and Digipak




Final Edit

Conventions of a Digipak

- The name of the Artist
- The name of the Album
- Tracklisting (include bonus extra's such as 'behind the scenes' and/or 'making of' features)
- Website and Myspace addresses
- Record Label branding
- Pictures of the band members or relevant visual imagery to sell the band (must be a different image to those used on the magazine ad) and it must be manipulated in some way (effect)
- Price
- Website
- Credits
- Recording information, producer, where it was recorded and when
- Who wrote the songs
- Logo
- Barcode
- DVD logo
- CD logo
- Website banner

Conventions of a Magazine Ad

- The name of the Artist
- The name of the Album
- The release date
- Website and Myspace addresses
- Reviews and ratings of the album
- Record Label branding
- Pictures of the band members or relevant visual imagery to sell the Digipak and it must be manipulated in some way

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Smells like Teen Spirit

This is one of the most famous videos within the world of rock. "Nirvana" produced this video 1991. They were a Grunge band, this comes under the rock genre, as does "Anti-social Burnouts". This video contains many features that are typical of this genre; It shows the band, it is set at a live show, they show instruments, and it has a front man that the camera focuses on most. These features are also very common in other rock groups such as Guns N' Roses. For our video we have decided to follow some of these conventions. We will show a band within the music video with there instruments. We also chose to focus on a front man character, this way you don't have to think of too many different people at once which makes it easier for the audience to watch and understand. We will not be able to put in shots of a band in live show due to obvious reason, but there will be clips of the band playing.

One thing that i like about the Nirvana video is that the video matches the song. The band being a grunge band made this a grunge song, and the video itself looks grungy. They use a lot of smoke and green light, it doesn't look like a nice place to be. We took this into account when choosing what to do with our song. We listened to the song and said what we saw in the song, one idea was for a robbery but a slightly comedic one, and then the ideas expanded and we came up with our final idea.

The Lyrics Of Our Song

We couldn't find the lyrics anywhere on the internet and as the song is fast they are quite hard to work out so we had to sit there listening to the song line by line to finally come up with the lyrics we can use to lip synch along too. These are the lyrics we came up with..

Twice is bejewelled
Fast way to play
Memories turn to dust
There's no looking back
Nothing is left
A crack to the heart
I have sworn that i
Wont be pulled apart
Twice is enough
Untill i say do
Flaging hemway avenue
'way avenue
'way avenue

Sold my soul
'Cos i am liberty
My wrong
Livin' aint free
You're my all
Come fly with me
That's what i said
Come fly with me

Break free fight
Friends tonight
We're the world tonight
We'll be alright
Break free fight
Friends tonight
We're the world tonight
We'll be alright

Extra Filming

We did some extra filming to fill in the gaps that appeared in our music video. We filmed another shot of Will lip synching all the lyrics in the song and made sure it looked good as the other lip synching attempts did not turn out as well. We did this shot close up on his face as we dont have many close up shots throughout our video and we needed to add some variety.
We also took some shots of the band as we had feedback suggesting we needed more band shots to have every convention of a music video included. We also took some shots of the band holding pieces of paper with the lyrics on to introduce a connection between the visuals and lyrics, like one of goodwins points suggests. Now we feel we have enough footage and enough variet to be able to complete our music video to a good standard.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


upload posters
pictures and video sort out
more research

Research into 80's themes - The policeman

Ray Carling from ashes to ashes inspired our police outfit with his turtle necks, aviators and leather jacket. We wanted to recreate his image for our police officer in our music video. We bought a fake moustache and styled him in a polo shirt with a brown leather jacket and smart grey trousers. We also wanted to recreate Ray Carlings arrogant attitude so when the policeman is first introduced into the video  he is admiring his police badge.

Extra Feedback From A Professional

  • The pace of the whole music video matched with the song which worked well
  • The first thirty seconds of the film need to be made more interested with more cuts of the band etc
  • The whole music needs more cuts of the band together
  • A jump cut at the beginning of the scene would help break it up and also another filming shot of a close up of Wills face lip synching
  • The difference of colours within the scenes keeps the viewers eye scientifically interested as the light keeps changing, like it would do in a nightclub. 
Overall the feedback we got was that it was a very good start but we just need to tie up some loose ends to perfect it.

Plans for filming

We had planned for our whole music video to be in an 80s theme. This arose some problems. We had to take in to account the area we planned to film in and what we could afford to get in our shots e.g modern houses and modern vehicles. We managed to avoid having too many cars in the scene however in the chase scene a modern car drives past inbetween our two actors crossing the road. This added great comedic effect to our narrative and helps to break up the scene. We have tried to counteract this problem with adding a old-looking filter to our footage which gives the effect that it was filmed a while ago. We also planned our costumes out to replicate what a boy of youth and a stereotypical policeman would look like from those times. An example of the effect we would like to achieve is this video..

This is a clip from 'This is England' the film mixed with real footage. We wanted our music video to look like it was from the same time era as this.

Reaction to Feedback and plans of improvement

The overall reaction was good in the variety of shots, clever editing and purposeful mise en scene. The only critisisim was that there were a few shots with poor lip synching and bad contiunitity, so we have come up with a plan to counteract these issues:

  1. we will shoot more shots of the main singer with perfect lip synching and a close up on the guitar solo to change with the poor shots already in the film
  2. Reorder the shots to give a stronger sense of a chase scene with parallel editing
  3. clean up the editing with the cuts and useless bits of clip which we have no use for
  4. Add more to our blog with initial ideas, production problems, editing problems and general updates throughout the production

Monday, 1 November 2010

Reaction to feedback

Our main feedback criticism was that the lipsyncing wasnt as good as it could be which we knew we needed to work on so we've decided to have more close ups focusing on the lipsyncing which would make it clearer.

Goodwins Points feedback

genre characteristics - Destructive behavior, fast up beat action, quickened pace between shots are typical examples of a rock/metal music video. The genre characteristics of this video defiantly matches the fast 'in the face' footage.
representation of the artist - Lots of focus on the main artist, constantly on his actions. Shows his personality.
Lyrics and visuals - well atempted, music doesnt tell the lyrics due to poor genre!

Roughcut Feedback/Lip synching

When he starts lip synching at 1.07 there are no lyrics. This continues throughout the video.

rough cut feedback - mise en scene

Overall the mise en scene is very good and adds hugely to the entertainment of the video, for example, the policeman was very cliché in not only the way he acted but with his costume because of the mustache and the leather jacket. The quick change in costume was good because it keeps the audience interested and adds mood and personality to the character e.g. when hes a school boy he looks sensible, innocent and clean cut whereas when he changes to the rebel he looks rugged, rebellious and bad These are things you couldnt portray with speech within a music video so they have managed to create personality using just costume. One thing that was noted was as the 'rebel' runs across the road a modern car drives past which shows the audience that it isn't set in the 80's

rough cut feedback - editing

smooth editing, the takes weren't to long and changed appropriately. the use of change in pace worked well  and added to the humor. The only criticism would be that at 2.20 will walks off camera and leaves the band playing, but then he randomly appears again in the middle of the shot. Thats the only point where the continuity was effected. The fade at the end of the video works well as it fades out with the guitar.

roughcut Feedback Camerawork

like the variety of shots however some camera movements where shaky especially at begining of film ( 0:00 to 0:20) we did think however that at some points of the film this suited the feel and genre of the song for example the police chase and running scenes. we liked the variation of handheld shots and the steady shots, to add variation.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

The video is "Sabotage" by "The Beastie boys". This video has given us some ideas for our video. We are using the costumes in this video as models for our police man. We also like how the video has a filter over the top to give it an 80's look. We plan on using a filter similar to this to give the video an 80's feel. We also liked how the video follows a narrative but is still commical in ways. We wish to do this by making the chase between the Punk and the police reasonably commical.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


This is where we intend to film for the robbery. Its in a village called Whittlesford, Cambridge. The house belongs to Ollie Newnham. We thought the house would be ideal for the Robbery as its exterior appears to be expensive and not as modern as the other houses we could have chosen from. The surrounding area is also ideal for our other shots such as the chase scene where we need long winding roads.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Mise-en-scene organisation

Costumes Policeman- Leather jacket, turtleneck, jeans, shoes/boots, mustache, aviators

Punk youth- Skinny jeans, Dc martens, punk jacket

Band Members- 80's clothing, back combed hair

Props- Drum kit, Guitars and bass, TV, briefcase
Location, for the first and last shots we all use the entrance to the perse on hillsroad and for the rest of the video we will use whittlesford locations e.g. Oli's house, the park and street.

This is only a quick list of costumes props and locations. Detail will be added later with more development.

SHITDISCO Poster and Digipak

This task was to create and magazine add and digipak images to go with a band we were given. This is a practise task to show us what making these images would be like when it comes to doing it for our official band, the Anti-Social Burn Outs. From this task we realised how much time we needed to spend on our magazine ad and digipak as they both took longer than we'd expected them too. We feel these images are a bit simple and that more could be added to them to make them seem more professional, especially the magazine ad. This was good practise, having to use Photoshop, for our final images.

Poster Cover
Listening to the music we found it had a techno feel, so we decided to make the poster 80's disco which correlates with the band name. We also used the different colours in the title to also give that feel. We liked the main picture for the poster as it had the song name on it.

We thought that the Digipak was a chance to really sell the artists, so we thought we could put in some close ups of the band to give it a real personal feel. Also we kept the use of bright colours for the titles as it attracted attention and went well with the black background.

TEACHER POST - Pitch Feedback

I am impressed that you have considered what kind of visual style you want to create, an 80's vibe is relatively straight forward to achieve. Make sure that your blog accurately illustrates the look you are going for by including lots of examples and images.
As I said after your pitch I have a concern about how you are intending to achieve the 'tracking' shot. Your descriptiion of holding the camera whilst cycling raises safety issues for both you and the equipment. You need to reconsider a safer way of achieving this shot, such as using a dolly.
The use of a strong narrative interspersed with performance is a traditional approach to music video and one that I think will work well for your song.
It is really important that you storyboard in a lot of detail to ensure you have enough quality footage for your track.
Great work so far, keep going.

Thursday, 30 September 2010


  • One question we got was were we trying to make a reference to the drama 'This is England', the answer we gave was no because This is England is a very hard hitting drama and we wanted to create a very comical effect throughout the whole video
  • We got the question of who was going to be the skinhead. The answer to this is Will is going to cut off his hair to fit the character and enhance our 80s skinhead theme
  • We got reminded about how there would be modern cars around and we all have modern possessions in our houses. We are planning to buy some 80s things and re arrange a house to create a rustic look. We are going to have to pick our location very carefully and just make sure there is nothing that gives the actual time we are in away.
This feedback has helped us to realise that it will not be as easy as we thought it may be to make it seem like the video is set in the 80s, we are going to focus on it and make sure there is nothing to ruin the look.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

pitch preparation

This music video shows some of our ideas. We like the comical side of the policeman and we want some of this in our video. We will also take ideas for the costume of our policemans costume having him have a 80s style. We realize we also have to make the rest of our video look old too to fit.

Our initial idea is to have a schoolboy walking out of college. He is filmed walking down a street and gradually takes his clothes off to reveal his normal clothes underneath. He will pull a hoody/denim jacket out of a bush and in his briefcase he pulls out a balaclava which he puts on as a hat. He then steals a bike when the music speeds up and it lipsyncing as he bikes along. He reaches a house which he breaks into and the band are performing in there but he acts as if he doesn't notice. He trashes the house. An 80s style cop notices this and comically reacts to it, could have a chase with the boy but dance to the music as well.

Locations: A street which the boy walks down - needs to be long with a bush to pull out clothes.
A house to rob with room for the band to play in.
Props: 80s police outfit - moustache, glasses, turtleneck top, leather jacket, police badge etc.

Teenage boy - 80s looking, jean jacket, braces, checked shirt etc.

80s bike, drum kit, guitar, school boy outfit.
Casting: Ollie will play the policeman, Will will play the boy, Hannah and Annabelle will be in the band at points and film the rest.
Effects: We will put an effect on all the shots when we edit it to make it look like it is set in the 80s. We want lots of quick cuts to fit with the beat. We will use final cut as we know how to use this the best.

We think because our video shows a story with lots happening it will keep the audiences attention for the whole three minutes of the song. As well as the story line there will be shots of the band playing for some variety.

The music and visuals relate because the music is fast paced and the quick shots will mirror this. Also there is always lots going on so the music will be in time with this.
We haven't worked out the lyrics yet so don't know if they relate to the video.

The artists will be represented as being able to play well as they are shown performing and using their instruments although the video is more about the story.

The bands genre is punk but with a twist so typical conventions would be 'anti-social' behaviour which fits with the bands name, so we are using these conventions because it works well with the fast pace of the music too.

We will film at weekends so we can use the daylight, and the group is all available on sundays so this will be our filming day.

TEACHER POST - Blogs to include.

Please ensure that you upload the following information/products that you have produced over the first 3 weeks to your blog.

* Notes on the History of Music Video (include any examples you might find)
* 'Sell your group member'- upload the poster you created to sell your group member, explain and justify the decisions you made in relation to the target audience you had in mind.
* Include your lyrics for the song you made up to illustrate the conventions of your selected sub genre.
* Include your presentation on the Auteur you researched.
* Upload the magazine ad and digipak you designed for the unusual video you chose. Also embed the video these products are based on.

If you worked in different groups to the group you are in now still include your work.
DEADLINE: By Monday 4th October.
Please ensure you are labeling your posts with the names of the group members involved in the post

Monday, 27 September 2010

Chosen Tracks

Our two chosen tracks are:
Orson - Everything
Antisocial burnouts - no looking back

For the 'orson' track we thought we could show the band playing their instruments and have a narrative playing in between shots. It sounded more like a love song so we thought having a story involving a girl would make it interesting and involve more of the group.
We decided for the 'Antisocial burnouts' track we were thinking a robbery would look good in the video and this would suit the style of the song. The singer could steal a bike and be filmed riding and lip syncing and then continues to commit more crimes. This could become comical if we get a policeman to chase after him etc.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Goodwins Theory X2Music Video

The theory consists of 6 points:

  • Visuals to lyrics
  • Visuals to music
  • Genre Characteristics
  • Intertextuality
  • Voyeurism 
  • Selling the artist
Taio Cruz   Dynamite 
Visuals to Lyrics- Whenever he says the lyrics 'Cos I told you once, how I told you twice',  shows his fingers indicating which number he says. He also talks about his brands and he shows them off.

Music to Visuals- Taio and his dancers dance along with the beat 

Genre Characteristics- He is wearing sun glasses like a R and B artist would do. he also turns up on a motorbike which indicates his wealth. There is typically a lot of women in the video who arent wearing a lot of clothes and theyre all showing off their assets by dancing.

Intertextuality- The brands he is wearing are promoted in the video.

Voyeurism- the objection of women in this video is typical voyeurism thats you'd find in r&b videos. the scene where taio is standing on a car bonnet and all the woman are on the floor around him suggests he is superior to them 

Selling the artist- the whole video is based around taio and in the shots its mainly him in the middle singing and dancing. there are also no other men around in the video so taio has no competition.

Music Label Research

To understand how to create a good and conventional music video we needed to research the beginnings of music video with the sponsering label. There are two types of labels major and independent.
Type: Major Label
Name: Syco (Simon Cowell)
Artists owned: Leona Lewis, Five, Westlife, X factor contestents and novelty recordings like wrestlers (WWF)
Other interests: X factor, American Idol, Britians got talent/America's got talent

Type: Independent label
Name: Chop Shop Records
Artists owned: The Republic Tigers, The little ones, Scars on 45, Anya Marina, Marina and the diamonds
Other interests: TV soundtracks for greys atonomy, Gossips Girl, the O.C and Chuck
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